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Teachers are a crucial aspect of any educational endeavour. Especially in a post-pandemic scenario, where most children in government schools have had to stay completely deprived of any formalized educational contact for an extended period, the onus of strengthening educational delivery in school falls on the shoulders of teachers.

In their role as the foundation of the professional learning communities that children are part of, teachers are the key to instilling long-term change in society.


  • To improve the professional capacity of teachers so that they can facilitate resourceful learning.
  • To promote the personal and professional wellbeing of teachers while equipping them with the necessary skills to tackle individual, occupational, and organizational challenges.

Apart from providing experts who can mentor teachers on their teaching abilities and train them in best practices for regulating different classes, we place particular emphasis on the mental and emotional wellbeing of our teachers. This is an effort to ensure that problems from a teacher’s personal life do not impact a student’s performance or educational prospects.