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Between the school enhancement program and Quess Foundation’s contribution towards the nation-building process at large stands one unique proposition that ties everything together – stakeholder engagement.

1. Community Participation

The foundation believes in initiating change from the inside out. This means that apart from providing external agents of change, we facilitate problem-solving at the community level. Stakeholders are involved in identifying issues within the communities and taking a stand for resolving them from the very beginning.

Our intent being to cultivate a sense of ownership among teachers, principals, parents, as well as the school monitoring communities, we map each school according to the challenges it faces. As all the problems we tackle are relevant to the communities within which these schools are located, solutions are also best understood and implemented by them.

The foundation’s role is to provide facilitation so that these entities can be brought together and stand accountable for their duties within a social unit.

School mapping is a planning tool that is used to overcome the possibilities of regional inequities arising from irregularities in access to and availability of school facilities. With school mapping, Quess Foundation is better able to assess current educational facilities, predict future needs, and get a comprehensive estimate of the financial and human resources that would be required to address them. This helps us equitably plan our resources. All stakeholders are given their due responsibilities in advance and we ensure that the school doesn’t struggle in the time that passes between problem identification and redressal.

2. Employee Engagement

Apart from involving stakeholders within the school community, Quess Foundation provides opportunities to get involved in our initiatives to Quess employees as well. It is a way to strengthen our efforts from within the company itself while at the same time enabling employees to find a sense of purpose in their work.

The Joy of Giving is an annual collaborative program that raises financial aid and volunteer support for schools adopted by the foundation.

Lack of inclusivity in society can permanently damage a child’s self-esteem, especially when the differences pull the child back and delay their speed of growth. For children with physical disabilities and cognitive issues, we distributed assistive devices and ensured that hurdles were reduced in their learning process.

Additionally, we raised funds, spent quality time, and donated to children with special needs living in rural parts of Karnataka.