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The influence of the environment on the mental, emotional, and physical states, especially during the developing years, is significant. Not only that, learning outcomes are also affected by the environment in which that learning is acquired.

That’s why Quess Foundation prioritizes the design and maintenance of school buildings and grounds alongside its other initiatives, removing any health or safety hazards that may be obstructing the process of continuous learning.

From the provision of well-maintained school facilities, and cause-driven activities, to the functionality of the physical and digital infrastructure, each addition has been made consciously to make the time spent in the school pleasant and socially productive.


  • 75 Government schools renovated
  • 35 Computer labs set up
  • 10 Science labs established
  • 423 Toilets built/ renovated
  • 68 Hand wash units built
  • 50+ Water purifiers donated to the schools.