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There still may be a long way to go in our journey but every little win is a mark of progress. As we continue to achieve success and continue to overcome the crucial challenges of the educational process, let’s celebrate some of the major milestones in our journey.

Nurturing Better Lives Since 2014

2014 2015-2017 2017-2020 2020-2022 2022-2023
Number of Schools Supported 1 17 74 75 75
Number of Children Benefitted 237 3460 31895 30704 65674
Programs Initiated & Number of Beneficiaries
School Upgradation Scholarship 87
Education Kit 1652 22700 13370
Scholarship 264 250 78 90
School Upgradation 16
Life Skills Training 60 4242 2610
Health Camp 727 18230
Teacher Mentoring Program 128 950
Psychosocial Care 1468 1135 1200
Digital Learning 1278
Early Childhood Care 1647
Remedial Education 10075 7685
Computer Learning Program 8837
TABLAB Program 1519
Education Kit – Notebooks Only 16520
Remedial Education – Study Materials for Students Taking the Board Exam 10000
Early Childhood Learning Program 843
Life Skills Education 14705
Health Screening & Treatment 1200
Covid Response Program – 80,000 meals distributed; ventilators and oxygen concentrators donated; 1600 grocery and PPE kits distributed. Traced and brought students back to school who dropped out during the pandemic.

School Transformation

With digital TABLABS for home-based care students, vocational training to go the extra mile, remedial education to compensate for the loss of learning, and reconnection to reduce dropout – the impact of the Quess Foundation has been both qualitative and quantitative. Along with the academic support, the infrastructure of the existing and newly adopted schools has been maintained and restored.

More than 50 water purifiers provide access to clean and safe drinking water, and 68 hand-washing areas ensure children are protected from germs and diseases. By installing sanitary pad vending machines in 30 schools, we have ensured that the needs of female students are taken care of without skipping school. Additionally, 55 students have gotten scholarships to pursue studies until post-graduation.

The data on the ground elaborates more clearly on our efforts:


Children enrolled in schools


Students received life skills training


Students received scholarships 


Students received remedial education


Education kits distributed 


Get a peek into the impact of our journey, straight out of the mouths of those who have seen the transformation happen in real time.