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Long before the CSR wing of Quess Corp was set up, the organisation ran an initiative called the ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ (EAP) in 2011. Through this programme, associates working at Quess could seek counselling and help to deal with personal as well as workplace issues. An internal study revealed that out of 85,000 employees, about 80% of them were from weaker sections of society and needed assistance for educating their kids. Knowing this, Quess began to offer education and health-related assistance to such employees through a small team under the EAP. The outcome of this initiative was overwhelming. So much so that Quess decided to set up a not-for-profit organization for the benefit of society.

Focus Areas:

The Millennium Development Goals, initiated by the United Nations in 2000, also reinforced our belief that health and education are two important focus areas.
  • Education: Providing material and financial assistance, improving the infrastructure of schools, and uplifting the quality of education.
  • Health: Providing a safe and hygienic environment for children to study through proactive health checks and preventive healthcare education.

Board of Trustees

Guruprasad Srinivasan

Managing Trustee

Madhu Damodaran


Vijay Sivaram


Management Team

Smitha B Sreenivas


Kirana CL